Agriculture is the inexhaustible treasure, but rather it is the treasure that grows and increases. Agriculture satisfies hunger.

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

Our roots are deep in the foot, since our inception, we practiced agriculture on the banks of the great Nile and the fertile plains and valleys of Sudan, in addition to our great experiences in knowing good crops.
After all, we are now working as a distributor and supplier of high quality natural agricultural products from Sudan to all parts of the world.

our group

Our extensive network of growers and partners around the world makes us a strong sourcing partner for today’s natural agricultural products.

  For our farmers we have more than 20 agricultural projects, we are the link between farmers and consumers in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.



For farmers, we are a trusted partner, enabling us to successfully benefit from the growing market of natural agricultural products.

Our specialties

Our products are premium, certified natural agricultural ingredients for the international food industry, carrying over 60 products from over 60 origins.


As international marketers with a presence in our markets, we are able to provide internationally approved products and provide tailor-made solutions to suit individual and group requirements.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

We are the Leading Supplier Of Natural Organic Agricultural Products


Here at ONeil Trade, we care about the planet we live on, which is why we’re proud to be a leading supplier in high-quality, completely natural organic products. Our experienced team offers a comprehensive array of services based on our proven sourcing, sustainability initiatives, environmental conservation, processing, and distribution capabilities.



What Is the Importance Of Organic Agriculture Crops?


Here at ONeil Trade, one of the most common questions that ask us is whether organic agriculture crops are really worthwhile. Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the planet today, and the world of agriculture is a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 11% of all global emissions.


However, taking small steps to change the way that we produce food can have a huge impact on the emissions being produced. Organic farming is a systematic approach that is designed to not only reduce greenhouse gases but also improve soil health, boost sustainability, and protect biodiversity.


What are the benefits of organic agriculture crops?

Making the switch to organic agriculture crops can help to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases being produced in a number of ways, as well as provide farmers with a wide array of benefits, including:


Minimizes impact in on the local environment

Organic farming is not only about the plants being grown but the local environment as well. The use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides can be incredibly harmful to local wildlife, and soil quality, so organic farming helps to reduce the toxins that are running off from farms keeping animals and plants safe.


Offers more sustainability

Not only does it help to protect local wildlife, but it is also vital to ensuring sustainability. The practices used help to reduce soil erosion and pollution, boost soil fertility, conserve water, and use less energy.


Produce fresher food

Organic agriculture crops also help to produce fresher and better foods. By not being packed with preservatives and other synthetic chemicals, these foods are healthier and tastier for consumers.


Creates healthier soil

The use of organic crops and farming techniques also helps to create healthier soil. The use of pesticides and fertilizers can be very harmful to soil quality, and it can take a long time to clear out, so reducing their usage helps to improve the quality of the soil. This, combined with natural cultivation methods, ensures better management and less soil erosion.


Reduces emissions

Of course, the use of organic crops and techniques also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recent research has found that if just 10,000 medium-sized farms made the switch to organic production, it would see them store vastly greater quantities of carbon in the soil. In fact, it would be the equivalent of taking nearly two million cars off the road!


Are you looking to improve your carbon footprint?

If you are looking to reduce carbon emissions and improve the sustainability of your agricultural business, then ONeil Trade is here to help you. We are the world’s leading supplier of proven, high-quality natural products.


We pride ourselves on offering chemical-free, 100% organic, and fresh opportunities that help farmers to adopt better regeneration practices, allowing them to grow more nutritious food products and leave a better planet for future generations.


Want to find out more about how we can help you? Get in touch today!




Our mission is to help create a stronger and better planet for current and future generations. We provide and support the global food economy and consumers by providing high-quality and proven natural and organic crops.


Our products are services are designed to minimize the consumption of or non-organic produce of food that has been modified from its origin.



ONeil Trade is committed to helping to support farmers in the short and long term by providing the very best support and utilization of resources. We want to continue to build on our reputation, maintaining our position as the one of the world’s leading supplier of natural agricultural products.




Tariq Sanhouri

general manager

The Oneiltrade Team

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